Elegant presentation tool simpler to use on Tablet screen.


Easy Tapping

  • Ability to tap once and create a new document, access existing documents either from a native mobile device or My Document, online file manager.
  • Compatiable with various document formats.

Edit Slides

  • Tap and hold on slide preview enables quick access toolbar for deleting, copying or adding background colors to slide(s).
  • Ability either to add new slide(s) or press and drag to change the order of slides.

Insert Shapes

  • Ability to apply shadows for creating 3D effect and insert drawings, tables and charts to a target slide.

Insert tables

  • Less steps required for inserting tables compared to other mobile office applications.
  • Ability to resize cells after inserting a table.

Insert Images

  • Ability to Insert images or drwaings either from art galleries or paint application.
  • Enables resizing or underling fonts and ability to add line spacing.


Create New Documents using Templates

  • Create new documents faster using pre-bundled templates.

Design Master

  • Provides entire slide view for designing a document.

Slide Show

  • Delivers presentation anytime - anywhere using the slide show feature.

File Type

Enables editing of documents with various file formats.